Partitur solo

6 Bert Konowitz blues keyboard lessons 171117

Merikanto Oskar – Op. 11_1 Kevätlinnuille etelässä 171127

Berlin Irving – White Christmas 171205

Pierpont James – Jingle Bells 171211

Marks Johnny – Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer 171211

Connor Tommie – Saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus 171218

Feliciano José – Feliz Navidad 171218

Lee Peggy_Burke Sonny – Bella notte 171228

Washington Ned_Harline Leigh – When you wish upon a star 180106

Jara Victor – El derecho de vivir en paz 180113

10 small arrangements of big hits vol.6 Baliardo_Bouchiki_Reyes_Diaz – Bamboleo, Bono Sonny – The beat goes on, Burke_Dubin – Tip-toe through the tulips with me, Grosz Will – Isle of Capri, Lecuona Ernesto – Always in my heart, Lyons_Hurt (Vagabonds) – When it’s lamp lightning time in the valley, Sauer Robert – When it’s springtime in the rockies, Shuman Mort – Save the last dance for me, Thomas David Clayton – Spinning wheel, Williams Spencer – Basin street blues

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